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Our Mission is to develop colorful minds

At Kidschool this means we help 'expand' and 'open' children's minds through many experiences. Children can learn much more than we think. When a child learns through play their natural desire to learn is encouraged. When they are learning in a safe and caring environment, enriched with a variety of experiences that stimulate their imagination, children feel in control, relax and have fun. When they relax and have fun, their self-esteem increases and they learn to express themselves. This individual expression is the beginning of their journey to becoming a self-learner.

Our Aims and Objectives

To educate the whole child – HAND and HEART as well as MIND. This means that we don't teach subjects, we teach children. We educate the whole child by helping them develop their skills, by asking them to think and use their imagination and by showing them respect and kindness, as they learn to show respect and kindness to others.
To help children develop kindliness towards cultures of other people. Its important to help our children become world citizens. In order to be world citizens, children need to understand about other cultures.
To help children develop a love of learning, that continues throughout their life. Today knowledge is doubling every 2 years. What we learn now will soon be obsolete. To keep up with this fast pace change, children must develop a love of learning and become life-long learners.

Our guiding principles

We believe in the children. We are always looking for the best in every child. No child is good or bad. No child is smarter or not so smart. No child is troublesome or not troublesome. We must always reflect and ask ourselves how we can change our methods and strategies to help children reach their full potential.
We believe children have a right to an enriched learning environment.  A properly setup enriched learning environment is the 3rd teacher. Toys are designed to help children learn and projects should be fun and playful. 
We believe children have a right to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. There are many children in the world who are not in a safe environment but it is the right of all children to have this. Its our job to provide it. We are lucky in Japan, that we can.





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 Kidschool International ...developing colorful minds

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