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Welcome to Kidschool! ...the school that cares!

Our Mission is to ‘develop colorful minds’

This means to 'expand' and 'open' children's minds by providing creative experiences that inspire them to learn through their own discoveries and nurture their natural creativity. Learning through play is fundamental to early childhood education. All children are unique and have specific needs and abilities. They need opportunity to play, think, communicate and reflect. With our guidance children will grow to love learning and discover their unique learning style.

What makes us special?

Our approach to learning is different from the traditional desk and lecture one size fits all style. Our original curriculum has a special focus on art and provides project-based learning that encourages children to communicate naturally. The curriculum covers Eight Academic Areas: Language, Math, Science, Art, Music, Body movement, Inner world and Outer world and children learn in a fun to be in, play environment appropriate for young children.  Our method has been founded on the proven success of experiential learning, my-pace education, and whole-child care. Children in our school don't just learn a language; they develop life skills, creativity, critical thinking, social skills, and literacy.

Children are born world citizens.

In our English immersion environment, our teams of international teachers are there to guide your child during their early years, and help instill in them a lasting love of learning. Our role is to help them learn kindliness toward other cultures and to grow into the global thinkers of the future. Kidschool is the perfect school for Japanese families wanting a high-quality, global education for their children.

By attending Kidschool your child

• Will learn how to love learning!
• Will have their creativity nurtured and gain confidence in their abilities!
• Will be stimulated to discover things for themselves!
• Will learn to listen to, speak, read and write English
• Will learn about the world!
…and will have a tremendous amount of fun doing it.





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 Kidschool International ...developing colorful minds

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