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Empowering children to communicate naturally and easily!

Kidschool's curriculum provides unique, age-appropriate, play-based activities that covers Eight Academic Areas.


Our programs are all 100% English immersion. Our curriculum promotes advanced literacy: phonics; writing; reading and listening comprehension. Empowerent of children to communicate naturally and easily with teachers during classes is a vital aspect of our curriculum's language development. Your child’s language development is further enriched through take-home materials, a lending library and family participation.


Our programs use materials, games and activities to make math interesting and meaningful for children. Your child will have fun learning basic math concepts such as patterns, sorting, counting, numbers, shapes, comparisons, measurement, time, money, addition and subtraction.


Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them. Through science, children learn to observe, question, explore, experiment, and to predict and solve problems. Our curriculum provides activities for stimulating children and giving them hands-on experiences with the human body, plants, animals, weather, the Earth, space, ecology and physics.


Nothing stimulates children as much as art and crafts. Art integrates all areas of learning and is central to our curriculum. Our art program provides a variety of creative projects and activities that will help children grow creatively, socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually.


Music is a natural expression of children. Music, songs, singing and dancing can contribute to children’s learning by developing listening skills, speech and language, motor skills, and creative expression, as well as creating an opportunity for social interaction and cooperation.

Body Movement

While children are moving, they develop strength, coordination, body awareness, self-control and confidence. Our curriculum includes lots of fun movement activities that help children be healthier and happier. The activities also provide an outlet for energy, relieve stress and help children perform and interact socially.

Inner world

We respect and trust a child’s natural desire to learn both individually and within a group. Our program is child-centered and designed to help children learn at their own pace, to express their own values, think independently, use their imagination and discover their own grace and creativity.

Outer world

Just by attending Kidschool, your child will enter another part of the world. Our international teachers and western curriculum further develop their understanding of the family, how other cultures are similar or different, how we are socialized and how we interact with the world outside of Japan.

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 Kidschool International ...developing colorful minds

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