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Kidschool is still a really young school. It originally started in 2006 in the founders’ home as an experimental school to test out its unique creative program. In the beginning, it had only 10 students and was a morning and afternoon 1/2 day school. Two years later, it was moved to a larger facility and opened with 35 students. 1 year later, full day classes were opened and 1 year after that the full-time preschool opened. In 2013,  a second school was opened in Sagamihara city.


The curriculum, developed from a Western kindergarten curriculum is theme-based and focused on developing pre-reading and reading skills. The school does not use textbooks. Instead, Music, Cooking, Art and Reading activities are used as natural teaching methods. Children learn to communicate in English naturally while participating in real life activities that have relevance in their homes and lives.




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 Kidschool International ...developing colorful minds

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